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Working at the OPP made me believe in myself

Since I started at OPP ten years ago, I have had the chance to work with very supportive bosses. They all gave me things to do that went beyond my job description. This really made me believe in myself.

Working here for so long is like being in a family. I am the first person that people get to know when they arrive at OPP. I really enjoy my job. For me, the best moment in my career was in May 2013 during the HSE forum.

At that time, the site manager requested me to organize the forum with the cooperation of our Operations Department. This forum involved all of our heads of Departments and our main contractors. It was a big event for our site here in Lumut. The main objective was to share all HSE experiences of the contractors involved with our activities here at our Onshore Processing Plant; and our two offshore platforms. Each contractor had to present slides on any incident or accident which they had experienced. They also had to explain any new system or procedures that had been implemented. It was very interesting and a great achievement for all of us.

Safety is the main preoccupation of our job. This was the second forum that I helped to organize. It has given me a great opportunity to meet all our colleagues and contractors. It also allowed me to gain valuable experience in organizing an event.

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