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When safety remains the highest priority of the company

Last April, TEPB achieved sixteen years without a Lost Time injury (LTI). It’s a significant achievement aligned with the subsidiary’s philosophy that everyone should be able to go home safely from the workplace each day.  When I moved to Brunei in March 2013, I was very impressed by this commendable performance.

Seeing the strong anomaly reporting from our employees also gave me the confidence to know that we have the correct behaviour to sustain this excellent safety record. This, coupled with good organisation and clear management leadership has been key to the success of the subsidiary. We have solid Health, Safety & Environment management systems, but it is their effective implementation by all personnel that has helped prevent incidents at work.

This is evident with employees and contractors regularly intervening if there is an unsafe situation and stopping the job if necessary. We also fully encourage and support the development of HSE improvement initiatives from all personnel, and recognize and reward the best contributions.

More recently, we started a culture based safety survey with a precise questionnaire: it’s a perception survey of all aspects of HSE in the company undertaken by all employees and contractor personnel. This provides us with a measure on where our safety culture is strong and also identifies opportunities for further improvement which of course is a continuous journey.

TEPB has always worked closely in consultation with the authorities in the development of HSE legislation. In 2014, the Government of Brunei introduced a number of new safety regulations, including the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations.

These laws required TEPB to prepare and submit Safety Cases to EDPMO which document how we manage major risks at our Onshore Processing Plant and offshore platforms MLJ-01 and MLJ-02. 

We were the first oil & gas operator in Brunei to have its fixed facility Safety Cases approved! I’m extremely proud to have been part of TEPB’s remarkable achievements to demonstrate that safety remains the highest priority of the company.


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