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Total gave so many opportunities to Qatari young engineers like me

"Are you interested to work with us?" It didn’t take long to Mr. François le Coq, Business Development manager of TEPQ to offer me a real position! We were in 2001, I just had met him in a job fair. I was newly graduated in Chemical engineering from QatarPays QatarShow more University and knew little about the Oil and Gas industry. On the next day, Mr. François le Coq, arranged an Interview with Mr. Patrick Pouyanné, Managing Director at TEPQ. I was very happy to meet him and he recruited me!  They asked me to join IFP in FrancePays FranceShow more for a master degree! Things went so fast and I kept on saying yes. I was a good student and I had already been asked to study abroad while I was in high school but my mother refused. It was such a challenge for her to let me go. I managed to change her mind and, in September 2001, I took off to study in IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole). I was the first one of my family to study overseas! At the beginning, everything was a shock to me: the size of my small apartment, the French food, the cold weather and the language, but within less than a month I felt integrated.

In July, after the graduation I went back to Doha and, two months later, I begun to work as a Reservoir engineer. Dominique Marion, my manager, really encouraged me to follow this path. I started to experience the rotation routine offshore, I was going almost every two weeks to the rig. It lasted for few years. That was another challenge of my career!  During my time offshore, my father called every day at the same time to assure everything was fine! Everybody could hear the speakers calling my name “Abudalla Mohsen”!  I spent five years in the Geosciences department where I had amazing managers. As a Reservoir engineer, I was always involved in seminars and conferences where I had to present my job and the company.

One day, I was asked to join the Public Relations department, I was not really sure about this choice but Philippe Boisseau who was the VP for the Middle east told me that “chance comes only once.” I decided to take the plunge and finally moved to Public Relations in 2008. Today, I am the Government relations and general services Manager. Looking back to my professional journey, I feel blessed; Total gave me so many opportunities.

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