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The preparation of the signing of the GSA was very intensive!

Before starting with Elf, I was already in the oil and gas field, contracted with BSP in Seria. For a change I grabbed the opportunity to work with a French company. 

In 1995, I had my first interview with Jean-Louis Grondin, the Acting Exploration Manager. He was a very nice man and after a series of meetings with the management, I was finally employed on March 27th.
At that time, Henri Bergasse was the Managing Director. It was during this time that we started to work at maximum speed for about two weeks to finalise all the documents related to the signing of the Gas Supply Agreement (GSA). We arrived early in the morning and did not leave before 9pm! Even during weekends! We had our meals at the office in order not to waste time. Fadzilah Rahman, Jean De Zilva and myself were dealing with all the paperwork. It was so exhausting because none of us were used to working so late! In 1996, there was no internet and computers were much less sophisticated compared to today.
I remember clearly the special atmosphere at that time; we were all very stressed by the deadlines as this agreement was very essential for the continuity of Elf in the country.
Being in this company for so long, I got to know many different people and learnt how they worked. I learnt a lot when I worked with Malcolm Fraser, the lawyer.

In 2005, I became the Confidential Secretary to Pierre Desvoyes and so my time was spent supporting both the General Manager and Legal for two years. In 2007, Louis Heuze succeeded Pierre Desvoyes as the General Manager. It was a very overwhelming time we were never off our feet!  Over the last twenty years, I have collected so many memories, great friendships, social events, bursts of laughter with great colleagues. My career at Total has really taught me a lot about strength, firmness and togetherness with everyone.


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