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Plateform well MLJ2-06 was a great success!

As Head of Business Development, I had three lines of work in Bandar Seri Begawan: manage relationships with our joint venture partners; lead government relations; and negotiate commercial terms of the petroleum contract. I arrived at a turning point of the subsidiary, we had an exploration program of three wells, but drilling was costly. So it was time to start negotiations for increasing gas price.

Discussions lasted a year and a half and despite all the difficulties we achieved our goal thanks to the valuable support of the Ministry and to the cooperation of BLNG. This was critical for partially funding exploration in a mature field. Fate or coincidence, I moved to Qatargas right after Brunei and I worked there for 4 years with my former BLNG Shell colleagues.

Platform well MLJ2-06 was the first to explore the Southern extension of the field and this well was a great success so the affiliate could finally start making plans about its future. Times, however, was running out; the Gas Supply Agreement would expire in 2013 and the subsidiary had to find new reserves in order to renew it and to stay longer in Brunei. With the support of the General Manager, Louis Heuze, the enthusiasm and passion of the geosciences team played a fundamental part in convincing Paris to go further with the exploration campaign.

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