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ML-5 was the very first well I worked on

In 2010, Total was drilling the deepest well in South East Asia and it was such a great time. Each morning, we had to check the results from the night before and every day they were so good. I can still see myself hypnotised by the screen and being so excited.

There was no time to wait, it was instantaneous: whatever we saw on the computers, it was showing gas! It was such an achievement. ML-5 is very memorable for me for one simple reason: I started to work two years before and it was the very first well I worked on! Some people drill their whole career and never find anything that big. I have never forgotten it and realised how lucky I was.

Even though ML-5 was one of my most significant memories in Total, I also remember when I went on a rig for the first time when I started in 2008. I stayed on the rig called “Completer”, for two weeks. I was the only woman surrounded by around 100 men, mostly Iban people. I found out that most of them were doing some of the hardest jobs on the rigs, the dirty ones.

We worked in shifts; the day shift was from 6am to 6pm and the remaining hours were the night shift that was often allocated to the junior staff. It was such a fantastic experience and everybody was really nice to me, especially the contractors, they taught me how things worked, which you could not have learnt from the classroom.

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