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It’s decided, we are all going on a boat for a big trip!

I was the Drilling Manager for three years starting from 2005. I remember that one of the wells was very high pressure and temperature, at the limit of what can be done with the existing technology. The job was very exciting but also very demanding. At the same time, I really cherished memories of our family life in Brunei. We travelled extensively in the area and the kids really flourished at Jerudong International School. They kept amazing souvenirs and still talk about it regularly: a place where children are fully involved in their schooling and where they are very much valued. 

We also remember queuing for hours at the Istana, the palace of the Sultan at the end of Hari Raya. My wife was expecting our fourth child and she spoke with the Queen for a few minutes. We benefited greatly from the facilities of the Yacht Club, Serasa where we spent most of our weekends. But most significantly personally: it was while in Brunei that we decided that we would take a big family trip on a sailing boat. It became evident during one Sunday sunset at the yacht club. We had just talked with a young couple who had moored their boat for a few days by the yacht club and were sailing around the world. It was looking at them walking on the pier on their way back to their boat that the idea clicked. 

I remember this special moment when I said to myself, “It’s decided, we are all going on a boat for a big trip.” I asked Total for a one-year sabbatical and two years later, we set sail from Saint-Malo for a trip around South America with our four boys.



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