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The first Elf Petroleum B.V team that built OPP are my heroes!

I had to go through three interviews before getting the job in 1997! One of the highlights of my career was when I moved to Lumut in the Onshore Processing Plant (OPP). From a wooden office, we moved to a concrete one and I was the Production Secretary who did everything from A to Z, from dealing with administration work to checking invoices from sub-contractors. I became the middle person between the Production Site Manager for BLNG & BSP in communication and IT support in OPP.

I remember the first day of production, in 1999: Ken Thomson, one of the commissioning engineers took a picture with his cigarette pretending to light it up from the first flare! We were a small team and Mr Antoine Carbo, Production Manager at that time was the best boss ever!  All of the employees were working 24 hours a day (shift) and for me they were the key - people of the plant's success story through their sweat, energy and commitment that they put in, in order to meet the deadlines. 

I went back to the Bandar office in 2004 as Operations Secretary and it was such a big change in terms of the workload. I couldn't really stand the routine job and looked for more challenges, so I moved to the IT section as the IT Administrative Assistant. Today I hold the position of Lead Document Controller for PRODOM Operations. It is an interesting job as I am the only one managing the system. I enjoy working for Total and watching the team grow. In the beginning there were less than twenty permanent locals and now there are almost one hundred.

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