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The WIKITOTAL website

How to connect to WIKITOTAL?

  • WIKITOTAL is freely accessible by typing in your url bar.

Is WIKITOTAL only for Total employees?

  • No WIKITOTAL is a public site open to all, addressed to employees but also to retirees, partners, customers of Total, history fans.

 Is WIKITOTAL responsive?

  • Yes, you can connect from any mobile device.

Do I have to connect?

  • WIKITOTAL is free to consult, but you will need to create an account if you want to act (like, comment) or post a testimonial.

If I dispute the content of an article, can I report it?

  • Yes, there is a flag that opens a form to fill in.

Can I take content from the WIKITOTAL site for my own purposes?

  • No, the contents of the pages or testimonials of the site WIKITOTAL are the property of TOTAL and the authors of the testimonials. You can share them by referring to the WIKITOTAL website.

How can I contact the wikitotal team?

My contribution in WIKITOTAL

Can I publish only photos or text?

  • You can publish photos, text, or both.

Am I limited in the length of my text testimonial?

  • You are limited to 5000 characters. If you need more space, you can download a pdf as an attachment.

How many photos can I download on the form?

  • You can publish maximum 10 photos by testimonial

What is the maximum size of the photos?

  • Photos must not exceed 10 MB.

Am I free to post any photo?

  • No, you must respect the copyright and image rights as indicated in the WIKITOTAL site's contribution charter, which you must validate to confirm your testimonial.

Can I upload videos?

  • Yes you can upload videos to illustrate your testimonial.

Can I upload audio files?

  • No for the moment but it will be very soon possible.

In which language can I contribute?

  • In French or English

Do I have to create an account to contribute?

  • To post a contribution, you will need to create an account.

Is my contribution immediately published as soon as I confirm the form? How am I notified that my article is online?

  • No, your testimonial is subject to moderation by WIKITOTAL. You will be informed by email of the posting.

Can I publish my article on behalf of a third party?

  • No you can't.  However you can do it on behalf of someone as far as you have his agreement and mention his email address so that it is this person who validates the article to be published on his behalf.

Can I edit or remove my item? How?

  • After validation, your article is ready for publication. If you wish to intervene on it (modify it, delete it) you must then contact the support team at the following address: [email protected]

Should the Group's values ​​necessarily be selected?

  • No it's up to everyone. This is an optional field.

How to insert keywords?

  • Suggestions are offered when entering keywords. If the keyword does not exist in the database, you will not be able to validate it. In this case, do not hesitate to inform the support team.

What period can I tell in my testimonial?

  • Since the 1900s to the present day.

What type of testimonial can I publish? What tone can I use? What are the limits ?

  • You can publish any type of testimonial related to your experience at TOTAL (or one of its subsidiaries), in the tone you want (from formal to offbeat). The limits are those expressed in the contribution charter.

What if I have a problem validating my form?

Sharing my testimonial

Can I share my article around me? If yes, how ?

  • Yes you can share it on WAT, but also externally on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter). You can also share it by email.


Consult the contribution charter.