WIKITOTAL is a collaborative website on the History of Total.

WIKITOTAL tells the History of Total in all countries where it is located, and invites to share memories, photos and personal stories about Total's History.

WIKITOTAL aims to let every country write the history of Total there, every profession or business line recount its own history, every person share his personal experience… 

WIKITOTAL is intended to preserve Total's "living memory" and is open to current and former employees, retirees, clients, partners and history buffs... basically everyone !

Have you helped shape the history of Total ?

Check out our gallery of stories and share yours!


The ONE TOTAL company project is expanding to include our history.

Buying into a shared strategy rests on knowing our roots: Let’s understand where we come from in order to know where we're headed.

Our roots and our history make up our identity and common culture. Over what will soon be 100 years, they have embodied the five values that make us who we are and have characterized us throughout our shared adventure.


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